21 things for Teachers Portfolio Worksheet
Thing 5: Differentiated Instruction & Diverse Learning

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Differentiated Learning Assignment

As you read through the key elements which guide differentiation, think about things you already do in your teaching which meet these elements of differentiated instruction. List or write a few paragraphs about these in your portfolio.
I use graphic organizers, guided notes and have created a classroom wiki site for this school year. In the past I have created Netvibes Start pages with online help links . I also complete WRESA’s Marzon’s Nine for the 21st Century. Link to my work:

Diverse Learning

Visit the Using Technology to Support Diverse Learners and click on and explore one of the spotlights or the Tech Tips Areas (Digital Text, Audio, Digital Enhancement, Software, Visual, Curricular Supports). Your task is to discover something which will be very helpful to support a struggling learner in your classroom and describe it and how you feel it will help.
I use virtual learning sites to support learning concepts and give student practice. I currently only co-teach and teach Learning Lab support classes. Trimester 3 just started and I am teaching a Basic Consumer Math . I have created several Netvibes Start pages with resources and links to support learning. This year I am using a Wikispaces and have created a class wiki for student to use.

Universal Design for Learning

1. There are two options for this part: (only have to choose one)1. Create an account in Learnport (specific to Michigan educators) to access NetTrekker and set up your profile. Use the readability tool to determine the appropriateness of the selection, or to locate materials at three different reading levels.
a. Capture a screen shot


a. Write a reflection in your portfolio. I used Learnport to take courses to complete hours for my highly qualified HOUSE portfolio completed in June of 2009. I forgot what a great resource this site is. I joined Nettracker and plan on using it with my Basic Math class this trimester. This site offers many resources that can be use to create differentiated instruction for students. I find my special education students struggle with writing and research assignments do to the difficulty of poor reading skills. If they have access to sites that read information to them they will have a better understanding to the material to create papers. Teacher can also use these tools to assess if they need to provide information in another way due to readability of the directions or material on a site they may have assigned as a resource for the assignment. It is important that teachers are able to factor all this in for a good understanding for all students. Nettracker has many resources and will save teachers time as well as assist them on technology issues they may need to learn to use with students.
2. Visit the Universal Design for Learning: Strategies, Tools, and Resources (wiki)and on the left navigation pane locate a content area resource for your classroom and write a reflection on it in your portfolio
a. List chosen content area Math
Math Tools: part of the Math Forum at Drexel University, includes a catalog of technology resources for math on the web. The catalog includes hundreds of tools, lessons, and activities that are categorized and searchable by grade level and content. Each has been submitted by a registered user (registration is free and open to all). Each includes a description, the technology type (e.g., Java applet, Flash), and ratings, reviews, and discussions from other registered users of the site.
b. Write a reflection in your portfolio I use practice websites with my Basic Math, Job Skills and Basic Consumer Math classes. I plan to use the Math Tool site as a new resource for reinforcing Math skills. I agree virtual manipulative math sites do help students learn basic skills. I have incorporated many UDL strategies with my students and always looking for new resources. I teach special education students and also support them in Co-Taught classes. I provide them with online resources like Khan Academy, posting PowerPoints . Quizlet is also a great site to support students with a way to study. I use many sites listed at the end of this worksheet with my math classes and also have many sites that offer students access to many resources.

Text to Audio Conversion Assignment

Using vozMe or another FREE text to speech converter, make a text to audio recording.
1. Capture a screenshot while you are creating the audio recording.


2. Write a reflection on how this tool could help the students in your classroom.
I have use Vokis with students posted on Wikis and also had them create Vokis and embed in their own Wiki pages. My students have also used Natural Reader to read website pages to obtain information to use in the writing of papers and postings on blogs and Wikis.
I found the VozMe difficult to understand.

I find Web 2.0 Tools and virtual websites to be very helpful to assist student learning. Rubrics also help define for students what they are to do in order to receive a passing grade.
Marzano has many great ideas to use for differentiated instruction. Please see my Netvibe Start Page for many other resources I have found.
I would uses these tools to post on my websites, Start pages and Wiki Sites. I can use them as well as have students create one and add to their blogs or wikis. These site are helpful for my special education students who have difficulty writing , reading and spelling. I have found these ideas and tools to be very helpful.


Teaching Ideas/Resources I use with my Basic Consumer Math courses
  • Math Tools:!/home
  • Math Tips for Teachers:
  • Math worksheet Center Math Every Day Life:
  • Money:
  • Money!/r/2485e4e3-738a-482e-9552-f40949c678ef
  • ITC Math
  • Online Clock teaching time
Online Quizzes

  • That Quiz
  • Calendar Quiz
  • Time Games:
  • Money

Printable Worksheets
  • Printable Money:
  • Money Worksheet
  • Create money worksheet
  • Math worksheets
  • Free Math Worksheets:
  • Free Worksheets:
  • Free Worksheets:
  • Calendar worksheets
  • Calendar worksheets
  • Worksheet Generator:
  • Printable Calendar

Puzzles and Games
  • Puzzles and Games

  • Playhouse
  • Time Games